PVA’s March Madness Tournament!

Philly Virtual’s Super Bowl Contest was a complete and utter success, so we’re bringing back the culture for March Madness!  Sign-ups started yesterday and continue through Sunday, March 23rd.  The TA’s are the team coaches just like the Super Bowl.

Rules are as follows:

Students earn points in classes from Monday, March 24th to Sunday March 30th.  In other words, all of next week.

They earn 2 points for each submitted assignment.

An extra point for any assignments with a grade o 90% or higher.

And another 2 points for any live lecture attended.

The post-game show is on Friday, April 4th where we will announce the winner and their prize!

And don’t forget about our Springtime Activity Bracket!

We’re asking all PVA students to contribute and nominate a favorite springtime activity, anything from sports to music to exercise to hobbies is acceptable.

The top 32 we’ll be placed in a bracket, then every few days we’ll vote to see which activities advance.  Once all voting has concluded, in a non-academic, purely social manner, “BVA’s All-Time Favorite Activity” will be chosen and may guide what prize is given to the March Madness victors.

Let’s go Villanova Wildcats, St. Joe’s Hawks and Delaware Blue Hens!