Student of the Month — Dominique Cherasard

An avid card player, Dominique is not just a shark at the table, but also in Geography class and on the soccer field.  Dominique is 14 years old and a 9th grader at Philly Virtual.  His Birthday is August 12th, 1999, so mark it down on your calendar.

When he is not kicking the soccer ball around, he enjoys reading and drawing.  Dominique chose PVA because the flexible schedule intrigued him, as well as being able to work at  his own pace.  So far he has liked the fact that “the teachers are always there to help when I’m stuck!”  Although being on the honor roll and at the top of his class, Dominique doesn’t usually need a lot of help.

Thanks for being awesome, Dominique!  We love having you at Philadelphia Virtual Academy!