Untitled by Brandon Edwards

b heart


She cried in front of me for the first time

And I realized how delicate the heart can be.

But since I didn’t realize before the outcome was set

Only thing was I couldn’t see.

And with my ignorance at play,

I blindly me the criteria for breaking a heart.

I mean I literally ripped it apart.

And with that as a casualty

I only understood a small truth through my actions.

Just a part of a piece broke off from a small fragment.

At the moment I didn’t see her confidence fading deserting

What is now a cacone compared to the once lively butterfly she was.

And truth is I cry cause this tragedy was written by my hands

And although it may do no good, I say softly with strong sincerity,

I am sorry.

But that hardly makes anything ok.

Her heart struggles through the pain day by day.


By Brandon Edwards