Untitled by Brandon Edwards

The embodiment of beauty, and the definition of perfect.

My first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.

You are everything I want, and everything I need.

So let my kiss be the seed that blossoms into our eternal love.

From this point let you be mine and only mine,

Let me be yours and only yours.

Let our heart beats sync ticking together hand and hand

Until death knocks on our door.

Yes I’m sure, me and you will last forever.

‘Cause not only do we love, we cherish,

And not only do we cherish, we devote.

And by that I mean we dedicate and hold dear every smile, every tear.

You are without a doubt my earth angel.

The one who stole my heart turning me into this humanoid hunk of tin.

Every second with you as mine, for me is seen only as a win.