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Archive for April, 2015


Are Cyber Schools for Anti-Social?

The first time I ever heard of cyber school was when I was attending Greenfield Elementary School in the 5th grade. I didn’t know as much about cyber school. Back then I thought that all cyber school students were kind of “weird” because they never have any human contact. How wrong I was… because 1 year later, my school was…


Understanding School Budget

This post is a continuation from the last post; click here if you haven’t seen it yet, After the Q&A session ended, the groups were treated to 2 expenditure scenarios because Mr. Stanki wanted to give the students a chance to see what he and his staff work on a regular basis. In these scenarios,…

senior info

Introducing… Cyber Senior!


TED Talk Tuesday- 5 Ways to Kill Your Dream…

What a way to start your Tuesday… 5 ways to kill your dream? A little bit about the speaker; Her name is Bel Pesce.  She left Brazil to attend MIT in United States.  Soon after, she returns to feed others to dream big and help make that into reality.  Watch or listen to this talk…


Keeping the District Above Water

Why is there a lack of funds in the School District? Who is spending the money? Where does the money go? Where does the money come from? Why are Public Schools so behind in education? These are the questions that teachers, parents, and students have for the Philadelphia School District and the finances. But not…