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9th and 10th Grade Meet and Greet!

Our very own Student Liaison, Mrs. Evans hosted 9th and 10th grade Meet and Greet today! They had pizza and fun activities to do together… Don’t miss out on any more of these fun events at the end of the year and check your emails. Let’s power through the last month of school! PVA


African American Read-In

The African American Read In (AARI) started 27 years ago by Black Caucus – National Council of Teachers of English. “The AARI is built on an ambitious yet confident premise; that a school and community reading event can be effective way to promote diversity in children’s literature, encourage young people to read, and shine a…


First Yearbook Meeting! #PVAYearbookCommittee1516

Today, we had our very first first yearbook meeting! We discussed about yearbook themes and narrowed down on on 6 options for all PVA students to pick! If you have not filled out the survey yet, fill it out here! –> It is not too late to join so if you are interested, our next…

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Math&English Help Session

Starting this 2015-2016 school year, we started a monthly Math&English Help Session here in 440 N. Broad St. 5 of our teachers the students normally talk to virtually, comes down to get a face to face tutoring time with our students! The teachers love meeting the students and students love getting the extra help! If…

Optic Illusion Art Workshop With PAFA!

on December 16th, we had an art workshop with art coordinators from PAFA right here in 440 N Broad st! Two art coordinators were kind enough to make a trip down to us and teach us about optic illusion. During the PAFA trip the week prior, we learned about abstract art. It was so cool…


PVA goes to PAFA Trip!

       On December 9th, PVA middle school students had the opportunity to tour Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts’ Museum. The collection was Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis. The collection was on this influential artist who had many different style of extraordinary work. Norman Lewis was a pivotal figure in American art, a participant in the Harlem art…

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Bake Sale on Dec 22!


PVA goes to Penn State Abington

On November 18, 2015, PVA high school students had their second trip of the month. This time, we paid a visit outside of Philadelphia, into Abington… can anyone guess where?? Penn State Abington! It is one of Pennsylvania State University many campuses! This trip also felt like a physical education trip because Penn State Abington…


PVA goes to Eastern State Penitentiary

On November 4, 2015 PVA middle school students took a “physical education” trip to Eastern State Penitentiary! Eastern State Penitentiary is located on 20th and Fairmount St. It took us briefly 20 minutes to walk from School District of Philadelphia. It was a nice preparation before the tour inside the Penitentiary. The tour guide was generous and gave us enough…

PVA goes to... Temple University! #TUMade

PVA goes to… Temple University! #TUMade

On November 2, 2015 PVA high school students had the opportunity to visit another one of our neighborhood colleges, Temple University! The tour guide showed us around campus and she gave us a history of Temple University. Did you know the founder and founder’s wife is buried on campus?! Cool beans. Comment down below what…