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Congratulations to PVA’s Senior Officers!

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Seniors Walked Down The Aisle!! #2015graduates

On June 9, 2015, 2nd class of Philadelphia Virtual Academy has walked down the aisle! Finish the rest of the school year strong and remember, when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!!! Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors! CHEEEEEEEESE


Top 10 Most Meaningful College Majors

Having hard time deciding your major? Here is 2014-2015 College Salary Report by that asked if they feel that their job makes the world a better place. 1. Pastoral Ministry- 93% 2. Nursing- 83% Clinical Laboratory Science- 83% 3. Child Development- 80% 4. Athletic Training- 78% Early Childhood Education- 78% Sports Medicine- 78% Medical…


2014-2015 Yearbook!

Philadelphia Virtual Academy is proud to present our first yearbook. The yearbook is available to purchase online for every grade. You can easily purchase your Philadelphia Virtual Academy yearbook directly online. * The yearbook costs $22.00. * Additional $6.95 for hard cover. Get started by clicking on this link: The passcode is 101431438253976


TED Talk Tuesday- 5 Ways to Kill Your Dream…

What a way to start your Tuesday… 5 ways to kill your dream? A little bit about the speaker; Her name is Bel Pesce.  She left Brazil to attend MIT in United States.  Soon after, she returns to feed others to dream big and help make that into reality.  Watch or listen to this talk…


14 Ways To Eat Less Sugar

YUM YUM YUM YUM….. Sugar is everything But that doesn’t necessary mean it is healthy…. The average American eats about 82 grams of added sugar a day, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s more than three times the amount that experts suggest for women and children, and more than twice what they recommend for men….


Is College Worth It?

When you start earning money at a young age, college seems meaningless.  School is boring and after 4+ years, you are slandered with loans.  Does it seem worth it? Here are some tips to keep you focused.   1. College is not as expensive as you think. College tuition will overwhelm you once you start…

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Seniors Rejoice! 5 College Saving Websites…

You can never be too early to start looking to see how you can save money for college.  It is always causes problems later when you stick financial problems in the back of your mind and avoid it.  It is time to face is straight on!  Here are some of the websites that will guide you. 1….

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4 Proven Tips For Your Dream College Admission

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare Unlike anything students have experienced before, colleges look at all four years of high school years.  So the best tip here is to prepare yourself to showcase every aspect of your high school years to colleges.  Colleges admissions want to see that you’re an expert at one thing, not dipping in every…


Top 25 Public Colleges 2014

Look no further to find your dream school!