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Dear Parents: We need your help!


Education Models Are Killing Creativity?

A 1995 interview with Steve Job stresses the importance of tolerance for failure and the confidence to take risks. When asked about his vision of the world, Jobs replied: “When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your job is just to live your life inside the world….


Is College Worth It?

When you start earning money at a young age, college seems meaningless.  School is boring and after 4+ years, you are slandered with loans.  Does it seem worth it? Here are some tips to keep you focused.   1. College is not as expensive as you think. College tuition will overwhelm you once you start…

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Seniors Rejoice! 5 College Saving Websites…

You can never be too early to start looking to see how you can save money for college.  It is always causes problems later when you stick financial problems in the back of your mind and avoid it.  It is time to face is straight on!  Here are some of the websites that will guide you. 1….


Make Reading Fun!

With latest technology, it makes it easy to zoom pass what we use to take time and appreciate.  That includes reading.  Contemporary kids do not bother to read anymore.  Even for school assignments, it is easy to access the summary of the book, or if the book is made into a movie, they will rather watch…

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4 Proven Tips For Your Dream College Admission

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare Unlike anything students have experienced before, colleges look at all four years of high school years.  So the best tip here is to prepare yourself to showcase every aspect of your high school years to colleges.  Colleges admissions want to see that you’re an expert at one thing, not dipping in every…


Top 25 Public Colleges 2014

Look no further to find your dream school!


Dear Parents: How to Prepare Your Kid For the Future

When was the last time you asked your child ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’  This cliche question that may seem dreamy and irrelevant now, it is proven to get kid’s brain pumping.  Whenever I was asked this question, I always said, “I don’t know.”  Maybe that is why I spent…