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“Drifting Away” by Symphony T. Hodge

“This one I just came about drawing, because I didn’t know what to draw, then I just started a head just as a joke and I was going to erase it later. I always had trouble drawing people, and I wanted to make a rough draft for how I would do it when I use…


Alternate Dimensions by Symphony Hodge

I would call this art “Alternate Dimensions” because it I was thinking about what life is like in different dimensions. Scientists spend so much time trying to find a way to the farthest reaches of the universe, but what if sometimes the life there are tying to send us a message that they are closer than…

Optic Illusion Art Workshop With PAFA!

on December 16th, we had an art workshop with art coordinators from PAFA right here in 440 N Broad st! Two art coordinators were kind enough to make a trip down to us and teach us about optic illusion. During the PAFA trip the week prior, we learned about abstract art. It was so cool…

PVA goes to... Temple University! #TUMade

PVA goes to… Temple University! #TUMade

On November 2, 2015 PVA high school students had the opportunity to visit another one of our neighborhood colleges, Temple University! The tour guide showed us around campus and she gave us a history of Temple University. Did you know the founder and founder’s wife is buried on campus?! Cool beans. Comment down below what…


PVA goes to: The Academy of Natural Sciences!

    On Oct 21st, PVA students visited The Academy of Natural Sciences. It is one of the most popular trips we have every year. Fortunately for us, there weren’t a lot of visits on that day so we had the whole museum to ourselves! PVA students were able to explore the entire museum and…


Philadelphia High School Expo at PA Convention Center

On Oct 16th- 17th, all of the Philadelphia’s finest high schools joined at the PA Convention Center. The high school expo is for the students, parents and staff to get to know all the available high school and alternative option here in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Virtual Academy’s new teacher, Mr. Layman was holding the fort down and…

Dear Parents: We need your help!


Congratulations to PVA’s Senior Officers!


Meet The Teachers

On Oct 7th, we had the pleasure of inviting BVA’s teachers to join us for a meet and greet session. The teachers and students were able to meet the teachers who teaches their courses online. We had enough food and drinks to go around. Our school counselor, Mrs. Schreiner had a table with information about…

spelling bee

#tbt My Experience at the 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee by Ray Garcia

It seems I had quite an experience this past school year. Something even bolder than grades. Even better than tips and treats sessions. The thing that I have is called contendership. You see, I was a contestant in the 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee. Now I could explain my experience to you, but I can do you…