The District’s Health & Safety measures for SY 2022-23 are now available. Visit the COVID-19 Information Hub.
On August 18th, the Board will hold an Action Meeting at 4 p.m. Find materials here.

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Let’s Make a Change: Ending Stereotypes

We all want the world to be a better place and to bring peace to everyone. But there are so many problems in the world, we don’t know where to start. If I could fix one problem in the world right now, I would end stereotypes. I think stereotypes cause all types of problems like…

Cup of Love by Charnae Ramey

The very first submission into the Student Writing section is Charnae Ramey’s beautiful poem, “Cup of Love”. Cup of Love By: Charnae Ramey It is a family tradition Passed from year to year That we spend together And celebrate with cheer As the first snowflakes fall We hear mama’s voice call ‘’It’s time for hot…