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High School Student of the Month: Brejha Freeman!

Congratulations to Brejha for a great start to the school year! Our October Student of the Month is 15 years old and in 10th grade. Brejha is known by her teachers as someone who is active in her courses and never falls behind. She can be counted on to complete her work on time. Brejha decided…

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Tips to Starting a Successful School Year

As summer comes to an end, it is time for students to begin thinking about how to go about managing their school work. There are many ways to plan ahead in the beginning of the school year, so that it isn’t hard to keep up with the work once the year fully starts. Get in…

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PAFA Middle School Art Outreach- 5/27/2015

  On May 27, Philadelphia Virtual Academy + Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts had their last Middle School Art Outreach. During this program PVA students engaged in a hands on art experience under the direction of Art Educators from PAFA, who supplied all the necessary materials. Art Educators from PaFa taught the students how to make…


Education Models Are Killing Creativity?

A 1995 interview with Steve Job stresses the importance of tolerance for failure and the confidence to take risks. When asked about his vision of the world, Jobs replied: “When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your job is just to live your life inside the world….


Is College Worth It?

When you start earning money at a young age, college seems meaningless.  School is boring and after 4+ years, you are slandered with loans.  Does it seem worth it? Here are some tips to keep you focused.   1. College is not as expensive as you think. College tuition will overwhelm you once you start…

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Seniors Rejoice! 5 College Saving Websites…

You can never be too early to start looking to see how you can save money for college.  It is always causes problems later when you stick financial problems in the back of your mind and avoid it.  It is time to face is straight on!  Here are some of the websites that will guide you. 1….


Weekly Update- February 23

PVA Spelling Bee: Congratulations to 6th grader Ray Gracia, for becoming PVA’s first ever Scripps Spelling Bee School Champion. Congratulations also to Khalid Abogourin and Usamah Brown who finished as the first and second runners up respectively. Ray will represent PVA at The District wide Spelling Bee on March 7th at The High School of the…

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4 Proven Tips For Your Dream College Admission

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare Unlike anything students have experienced before, colleges look at all four years of high school years.  So the best tip here is to prepare yourself to showcase every aspect of your high school years to colleges.  Colleges admissions want to see that you’re an expert at one thing, not dipping in every…


Top 25 Public Colleges 2014

Look no further to find your dream school!

Student of the Month — Samantha Sacavage

Congratulations to June’s Student of the Month, Samantha Sacavage! Sam is 15 years old and is headed into her sophomore year here at PVA. She chose to come to PVA over a traditional school to stay away from drugs and get a proper education and she loves every minute of it. She is especially a…