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Archive for January, 2014

The Future of EdTech Part 2: Mobile Devices

Many teachers associate mobile phones with kids texting in class, losing focus, an overall distraction.  But do they have a place in education?  A positive, progressive place?  Studies have shown that students and teachers prefer the devices be used to learn from—the problem is how they fit into the learning environment.  But Before we jump…

MOOCs by the numbers: Where are we now?

Real-time information on MOOCs!

The Future of EdTech Part 1: M.O.O.C.s

What the future of education holds has truly yet to be seen.  Technology will continue to evolve as will students’ learning habits.  But today, in the midst of the Web 2.0 explosion and 3.0 break through, universities are presenting M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs) to educate the masses and improve the brand image…

Ten of Bill Cosby’s Greatest Quotes

Considering the Greater Philadelphia Area had off from school today thanks to a solid 10 inches of snow, in lieu of a TED talk or EdTech post (which you’ll see tomorrow) here are 10 quotes from Philadelphia’s own, Bill Cosby. Here’s the article written by Treye Green of the International Business Times, the quotes are below….

Seniors, join us on Wednesday at 10am for a Virtual Meeting

Please join us for a Virtual Senior Class Meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at 10am. Topics will be prom, graduation, SATs, and any other topic you would like to discuss. Please bring your concerns and questions to the meeting.   You will come into the Virtual Office a few minutes before 10am, let the teachers know you are there for…

Philly EdTech Meetup

                Technology in education is advancing every day, the only limitation being the respective school district’s budget.  Small innovative companies are developing/have developed new ways to engage students with technology; ways familiar with the younger generation.                 On December 16th, 2013 a group of education innovators, professors, and even…

Congratulations to Carmen Falu! PVA’s Student of the Month for January

Carmen Falu is a junior at PVA, although she may not be for much longer if she continues finishing classes early.  In particular, she excels in Science and English—her two favorite subjects.  Carmen attributes a small part of her success at PVA to being able to work at her own pace and at home, so…

3 Rules to Spark Learning via Ramsey Musallam

[ted id=1731] A chemistry teacher whose goal is to develop a curiosity in his students, Ramsey Musallam, developed three rules to spark learning after having open heart surgery. Rule #1 : Curiosity Comes First (A curious student trumps any new advancement in EdTech) Rule #2 : Embrace the Mess (Trial and Error) Rule #3 :…

Congratulations PVA Senior Class Officers!

Senior Class President Jerome Chiyezhath and Senior Class Secretary Ashley Gilliam! We still need a Treasurer, email Mrs. K or Mr. A if interested. Hopefully we will see you at our next meeting on Jan. 22nd at 440 N. Broad St.


PAFA Art Workshop- Optic Illusion!

  On December 16th, we had our first PAFA art workshop right here in 440 N Broad st! Two art coordinators from PAFA were kind enough to come down and teach us about optic illusion. From the previous PAFA trip, our tour guide spoke a little bit about abstract art so during this workshop, we…