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The Importance of Organization

The Importance of Organization

The things that are the most challenging are the things that can also help you continue in your success and find different strategies for life. My struggles were always with my phone or prioritization with my time. Something that can help you prevent your focus from being distracted is organization and motivation. Organization: Creating little…


Why PVA is my New School

Hello, my name is Jenna Edmonds. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. This year is my first year ever doing online school. Today I will be telling my story of why I do online school and what I think about it. I go to PVA because when I was in sixth…

"Breathe", by Citrus Brewer

“Breathe”, by Citrus Brewer



“Skrillex” by Symphony Hodge

Skrillex is one of Symphony’s favorite DJ’s.


Teen Mommy

If you’re like me then diapers, school work, and headaches are basically your daily routine. Now you might be asking yourself, “What does she mean?” Well, what I mean is that I am a teen mom who gets a lot of headaches juggling schoolwork and diapers! My name is Sarah. I’m 16 years old and…

Tips for New PVA Students

Tips for New PVA Students

Hi! My name is Jomana, and I’m currently a sophomore in P.V.A. I’ve been in P.V.A for 4 years now, which means I have a ton of advice to give you, so you might want to go grab a snack and relax. Tip #1: Don’t ever let yourself fall behind. Once you fall it will…

Why I go to PVA

Why I go to PVA

Hello my name is Daija Davenport. I am an 8th grade student at Philadelphia Virtual Academy (PVA). The reason I came to Philadelphia Virtual Academy is because of my past and me being scared of my future. Some kids like me don’t always get a chance to switch up or do something about it . When…


Highschooler of the Month: Hannah Justice!

Congratulations go to our outstanding student of the month, Hannah Justice! Hannah is 17 years old and in 11th grade. She is known by her teachers as having a great attitude and work ethic. Hannah decided to come to PVA because she wanted a school to put her “back on track with lots of opportunities…


High School Student of the Month: Brejha Freeman!

Congratulations to Brejha for a great start to the school year! Our October Student of the Month is 15 years old and in 10th grade. Brejha is known by her teachers as someone who is active in her courses and never falls behind. She can be counted on to complete her work on time. Brejha decided…


Middle School Student of the Month: Garnell Mitchell!

Garnell Mitchell has done great things this school year already! He’s 12 years old, and in 6th grade. He says he decided to come to PVA to start off new. So far, Garnell’s favorite parts of PVA are going on field trips and interacting with other students. His favorite school subject is math. There are…