The things that are the most challenging are the things that can also help you continue in your success and find different strategies for life. My struggles were always with my phone or prioritization with my time. Something that can help you prevent your focus from being distracted is organization and motivation.


Creating little side notes on things to do before you move on from your school work is very helpful and keeps you organized. It lets you break down everything you have planned for the day, or everything that you plan to do related to your process on assignments or schoolwork. It’s cool to have spare time for other activities, but it’s also cool to spend that spare time looking into other ways to create better performance for yourself, things back at home, and/or other things you’re engaged with.

In conclusion, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with your work online if you keep an open mind to new things that will help your effort. Then, try it and move forward. We are all capable of making it in life. It’s what you do that will either make or break the progress.


Author: Faith Taggart