Hello my name is Daija Davenport. I am an 8th grade student at Philadelphia Virtual Academy (PVA). The reason I came to Philadelphia Virtual Academy is because of my past and me being scared of my future. Some kids like me don’t always get a chance to switch up or do something about it . When I say  my past, I mean what I did to get there which would be fighting. It’s not often that kids my age get to tell their story because they don’t think people are listening. I’m here to show others that there are people out there that are waiting to help .

If I didn’t tell some one sorry, but I’m sad to say I’d be locked up or dead somewhere. This is a real life situation you should tell someone: it’s called bullying . I went through it for 2 years and now I go to a  better school that’s in Philadelphia. You can’t find a lot of school now days that will try to help you . So I’m here today to tell people they don’t have to go through it alone. If you don’t tell your story look at it like this why would others try bullying is not a nice thing to do so help stop other with just three words: “I’m getting bullied”. That’s all you have to do.

Philadelphia Virtual Academy has people that really listen and really are there for you . I’m 13 and I can honestly say the streets are not for anyone . My mom told me I don’t have friends that would get me on the right path. They didn’t, they got me into a lot of trouble. Now the only friends I  have are my sisters- someone that can show me the right path .

                   My name is Daija Davenport and there, people listen .


Author: Daija Davenport