Hello, my name is Jenna Edmonds. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. This year is my first year ever doing online school. Today I will be telling my story of why I do online school and what I think about it.

I go to PVA because when I was in sixth grade, I was going to Aloysius Fitzpatrick School, and I planned on going there until 8th grade. Over the summer before school started, I had moved about 10 minutes away from my school- well more like 15.  My school wanted my new address so I gave it to them and right away they said I had to be out of the school by Monday and in my neighborhood school. My neighborhood school is a bad school so my dad just said that I was going to be home schooled. At first I was like, “that is probably going to be boring”, but then I actually enjoyed it.

I think PVA is a great online school. I really like how there is a room where you can get actual help from teachers and you don’t have to go to the School District to get help. What I also like about PVA is that you don’t only get to stay home and do your schoolwork, but you also get to go on trips without staying home all the time.

Some things I dislike about being homeschooled is that there are not a lot of friends you can make. And, that to me it is very hard to pace yourself in school.


Author: Jenna Edmonds