PVA Weekly Update — March 17th

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from PVA!


Last week, on Wednesday, we had our first Writing Club meeting at 1:30pm in the Virtual Office.  We had a decent turn out as students wrote about the “happiest place on earth” among other exercises.

We also held our first “All things Math”- Club/Tutoring Session at the drop-in center in 440 N. Broad St. on Thursday at 1pm.  Stop in next week at the same time and place!

There were also two senior meetings, if you missed out email Mr. Anderson.

This week we have a very busy Wednesday.  First, at 11am, Rivera Drop-In Learning Center (2603 N. 5th St.) is holding a Lunch and Learning Session for 9th and 10th graders. There will be pizza. Pizza. PIZZA!!

Also on Wednesday, there will be a PAFA Outreach at 440 North Broad at 11:30am.  The first one was an interactive art experience, so come again and bring some PVA friends!

PSSA has been postponed to next week, but students in the 6 through 8th grades are welcome to come into 440 Lab B for online test training to familiarize themselves with the PSSA online tools Monday through Friday 11am – 1pm.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the Chess Club!  Email Mr. Humes at info@bvapa.org or pvacontact@philasd.org

Thanks for another exceptional week at PVA last week, let’s keep it up!