Introducing Olivia Went To Europe!


Hi my name is Olivia Matthews.

This was my first year at PVA. When I asked my mom to enroll me in virtual home school in the past, she was hesitant. She was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get help from my teachers, and that I would be stuck inside all day. However, she agreed to try it out when she was offered a research sabbatical. We decided to travel to Europe, and I began the school year from over 4,000 miles away.

I visited Paris, Budapest, and London. While I was in Europe, I had the opportunity to experience different cultures. I also saw a lot of famous sites. When exploring these cities, I learned about different cultures and how people live in other parts of the world. I saw beautiful works of art at the Louvre in Paris. I rode double decker buses on my way see the Elizabeth Tower in London. In Budapest, I watched people making pastries to sell in their kiosks on the street. I also got to use different currencies and speak different languages. I ate foods I had never even heard of before!

Being at an online school allowed me to maintain my attendance during this amazing experience. I could work whenever I wanted to, so I was able to spend my days exploring without worrying about tests or essays. I could get live help from my teachers in the Virtual Office, despite being on another continent. Had I been in a traditional school setting, I wouldn’t have had this wonderful opportunity. Being at PVA allowed me to take learning beyond the classroom!

I will continue to write about my experiences so stay tune if you want to find out more!