Our parents and teachers teach us many things academically to help us achieve in life. Which is really good, because those things prepare us for future jobs and things like that. But what about the things that help you be a better you and build your mental ability, so that you feel like you can accomplish and do anything? That’s exactly what self-confidence feels like.

Self-confidence makes you trust your own judgement and ability. When you are confident in yourself you feel good about the way you look and think. Confidence plays a major role in young teen’s lives, especially in high school. Some kids grow faster than others and that may cause you to feel less confident or “insecure”. Maybe your hair isn’t longer than another girl, or your skin isn’t as clear, or you’re sarah-furquan-blog-post-2-photonot as slim as someone else. You have to love yourself and accept the way you are. If you want to drop a couple pounds don’t do it to look like someone else, do it to better yourself. Change is okay, but only for the right reasons.

I think that schools should have a “Confidence Club” how they have drama club, chess club, or something. Confidence club should focus on the importance of loving yourself the way you are. Because just like depression and bullying, kids also commit suicide due to being insecure. I hope everyone loves themselves for the way they are no matter your shape, size, color, race, religion, or sexuality. Remember, love yourself first!


Author: Sarah Furquan