Jacob working at his PVA internship!

Hello PVA students, I am Jacob Simmons, former PVA Senior. It may dawn on the seniors that after you graduate there should be a plan for the future and this is the future that I decided to lay out for myself.

First, and most importantly I began to prepare myself for college, which is great because knowing whether you want to go full time or part-time is important. The school I currently attend is the Community College of Philadelphia. I chose CCP because I didn’t really know what I wanted to major in so instead of spending my mother’s money on a big university without a concrete major. I also attend part-time. I truly enjoy part-time because it allows me the flexibility to make my own schedule kind of like PVA and with that flexibility I am able to have an internship at PVA. My time as an intern for PVA has been a truly great opportunity for me because of the fact it gave me the chance to work with people I already know, which I’m sure in any circumstance is a good thing. Also, it is giving me a new level of professionalism of how to organize. For example, as the intern I have to start and maintain clubs, such as scrabble, chess, and debate. But, seeing I did begin relatively late I could do but so much, but I still laid the groundwork for next year to start early. Another pro that my internship brings is the chance to network and improve my leadership skills through not only being in the School District, but also with those I meet during club meetings. Lastly, both college and internship have given me the sense of responsibility that was something that I felt should be improved, which I feel is currently being improved.