Make Reading Fun!

snoopy reading

With latest technology, it makes it easy to zoom pass what we use to take time and appreciate.  That includes reading.  Contemporary kids do not bother to read anymore.  Even for school assignments, it is easy to access the summary of the book, or if the book is made into a movie, they will rather watch the movie instead of taking time to read a book.

It is known fact that reading daily will help raise reading comprehension.  To help make reading fun, there are few things parents can do to help:

1. Help find books that interest them.

Forcing kids to read book is one thing, but that will only lead to kids thinking of it as a chore.  There are numerous genre of books that kids can explore and help them find it!  Here is a link to Barnes & Noble where you can find books for your kids’ age.

2. Read with them!

Showing that you are prioritizing and enjoy reading yourself demonstrates to your kids that reading is important.  “There’s research that says that in order for kids to become readers they have to be surrounded by readers.”  Set a time aside for you and your child to read together.

3. Contemporary reading.

As many popular novels, it is fun to read a book that they can relate to.  Contemporary students can relate more to another teenager going to high school, rather than Shakespeare.  So keep that in mind when you are picking out a book with your child!

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