As summer comes to an end, it is time for students to begin thinking about how to go about managing their school work. There are many ways to plan ahead in the beginning of the school year, so that it isn’t hard to keep up with the work once the year fully starts.

Get in a Routine

When it comes to online learning, it can be more difficult for students to keep a steady routine, since they don’t have to physically attend school everyday between certain hours. It can be very helpful to create a schedule on your own, whether it be setting a time to wake up in the morning, or blocking off certain hours to focus on schoolwork. This also includes scheduling other activities around the time set aside for school. Once you get into a routine, it will become easier to be productive.

Use a Planner

Although it may seem tedious to write everything down, using a planner is the best way to stay organized and on top of your schoolwork. Using a weekly planner can help you visualize and plan for the weeks ahead, and that way you have a better idea of what needs to be accomplished on a daily and weekly basis. Organizing your planner in the first few days of school with all of the deadlines for the months ahead will ensure that you are never behind.

Communicate with Peers and Teachers with your teachers and other students early on can make it easier for you to reach out for help or guidance later on in the school year. In an online learning environment, it can be more challenging to communicate with your peers than in another school setting. PVA has great ways to interact with other students, so be sure to take advantage of those offers throughout the year.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals is an important aspect of the learning process. If you want to accomplish a certain amount of work each day, or raise your grade, setting a goal will help to motivate you in the right direction. However, you still have to recognize that setting goals that are too challenging can create unnecessary stress. Goals can be little things, like waking up on time everyday in one week. Once you start to complete the tasks you thought would be difficult, the more you’ll achieve.

Good Luck, PVA with the upcoming school year! I hope these tips give you an idea as to how you can have a successful year.