4 Proven Tips For Your Dream College Admission


1. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Unlike anything students have experienced before, colleges look at all four years of high school years.  So the best tip here is to prepare yourself to showcase every aspect of your high school years to colleges.  Colleges admissions want to see that you’re an expert at one thing, not dipping in every extra curricular programs.  “Colleges, like marriage prospects, like future employers, want to see that you’re committed to your interest.”  It sends a message that you are passionate committed to your interest.  That will make you stand out amongst other students with excellent grades.

2. Each advancing year, challenge yourself!

Colleges want to see that you are applying yourself each year.  You are not just passing by but you are advancing each year, as colleges are design to get rigorous each passing years.  This shows that you are preparing yourself (tying back to number 1) to take on heavy college loads.  Click here to read about what your transcripts should look like.

3. Common App: Focus on your essays

“It’s important for students applying to any selective school, let alone the Ivies, to submit well-written, compelling essays that convey their voice, interests, who they are as a person and student, and how they would contribute to the campus community.”  They want to know how much you know about the school and want to know how you will fit into the school.  Find out what you want first, instead of trying to find out what the school wants.

4. Demonstrate your interests

Show your interest if this is the college you must go to!  Because there are more students applying to colleges more than ever, they want to see who wants it more.  “Things like visits, contact with the admission office, interviews, applying early are all considered showing interest.”

Read more about it here: http://onforb.es/1DKvnEy