Seniors Rejoice! 5 College Saving Websites…


You can never be too early to start looking to see how you can save money for college.  It is always causes problems later when you stick financial problems in the back of your mind and avoid it.  It is time to face is straight on!  Here are some of the websites that will guide you.


This website has some great tips on how to divide your payment using Section 529.  529 plan is a tax advantaged investment designed to encourage savings for future education.  Find out more about it by clicking onto the website above.

2. Morning Star

This website ranks Section 529 plans annually.  You will need to make an account to look through information but it is worth it to see where your family fit.


This website helps you calculate college savings and compare 529 plan with other college saving plans.  It is a must to start planning for college funds so this is a website for you.


This is one of the most well known websites for seniors.  It is best when it comes to estimating future overall cost of the tuition.  It also gives you an estimate of scholarships and other funds added.

5. Fafsa4Caster

According to, this website is great for ”advanced financial planning for paying for college for parents of high schoolers or adults returning to school. This Web site allows you to create a practice Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA). Your practice application will reveal results on what financial aid you may eligible to receive such as subsidized loans where your interest is paid by the federal government while your in college or federal grants – free money for yours or your student’s education. When you are ready to apply, you can transfer information from your practice form to the real one.

Read more about each of these websites here.